Monday, November 28, 2011

Online Videos

Both of these videos are very old and I believe that since times have changed so has the job market.  Starting with technology our computers, cell phones and any other electronic devices that are used for jobs in today’s world will always have an impact on ones future. 
These videos are helpful in a way but to be honest in today’s society it is who you know not what you know.  Unfortunately this concept will get worst as the years go on especially in big corporate businesses.  However this past summer I was fortunate and my dad who is an electrician in New York City and is part of Local 3 Union got me a job for the summer through his union.  I worked in the city every day over the summer and I was considered a college helper for the electricians at their job site.  As I was watching these videos I noted to myself some of the key points that stood out to help you succeed in the job market or what is called the real world.
Throughout the first video it talks about finding jobs and how the job hunt takes forever and be harder than actually landing the job. Then it goes on to talk about how to search for jobs and they suggested using the internet.  However some of these job websites online can be scams and end up backfiring on you.  It also takes about the whole job process in making a resume and coming prepared to the interview and making your first impression to your future boss. 
Within the second video it talks about many ways and the correct ways to put together a resume.  After watching this video I learned a couple of tricks in order to improve a resume.  However when I was in high school my older sister who was in college at the time about to graduate told me to start putting together a resume.  It might have been one of the greatest advices my sister gave me because resumes are very important and you never know when you might need to use it.  She also told me to constantly keep it up to date and add any important accomplishments to it.  Now between this videos advice and my sister’s advice my resume should be formatted and look pretty professional which will hopefully help me land a job in the near future.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have had plenty of experience with writing resumes because I did one while I was in high school.  I didn't actually do one in class my older sister suggested to me to make one.  So she helped me through the whole process.  I trusted her that she was telling me the correct format and way to put together a resume because she just graduated from Suny Geneseo and in no longer than a month had a job in New York City working for KPMG.  So if she got a job straight out of college in the city her resume must have been formatted right and well written.                                                                                            
Then once I got to college in one of my classes last year we were asked to put together a resume and mine was already finished and my teacher told me it was good and just had some minor mistakes.  However though every teacher has their own way of telling you how to put together a resume.  Some teachers will tell you only one page and others more than one.  I believe the number of pages doesn't matter and its the information that you are providing in your resume that matters the most.  It shouldn't matter how long your resume is technically if it is longer that means you have had more experience with jobs.                         
With resumes you should also be constantly adding information to them and keeping them up to date. For example when I go to write this resume for our class I will have to add my work experience that I had from over the summer in New York City.  Resumes are an important factor when it comes to looking for jobs and you want to make sure they look as professional as possible.