Monday, October 17, 2011

Example of Persuasive Writing

In this letter that was well written it talks about how people choose not to clean up beaches which leads to harmful consequences in our environment and for the marine life.  After reading this letter I was persuaded myself because I also witness this every summer when I go on vacation and I strongly agree with her in making this a law if isn't already one.  The format of this writing would be a persuasive internal request because she uses logical and character based appeals to state her reasoning.  Even though she is writing this request to the governor of California her audience can also be the public or anyone who has viewed her writing because it does have a purpose and can make a difference in the community.  Her voice in this request isn't demanding one bit but it she does show a little urgency by stating all of her reasons in why not to leave trash on the beach.  She uses real life scenarios and situations, for example turtles and seagulls eating the trash which harms these animals because they have no clue what their eating.  As a reader or viewer of this message I was persuaded and now every-time I go to the beach this message will pop into my head and will remind me to pick up any trash that is laying around.  In this message Lizzie who was the author could have done a little better in using the you-viewpoint and not be focusing on so much what she thought of everything and giving her opinion throughout the message.

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