Monday, September 19, 2011

Sample Letter

In this sample letter that I chose a cover letter to a response to a Catalog Request.  This cover letter shows professionalism.  This letter is well written and tells its audience straight to the point what the catalog is about and grabs the readers attention.  The letter has the correct format and is spaced out in the correct spots and provides interest to their customer by saying "we look forward to answering any questions you have about our product."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Web SItes

I think business web sites are necessary for a business to be successful.  As long as the website is organized in a proper manner and the information is appropriate and to the point for its audience then every business should have some type of website.  Many companies still communicate through websites because with the way our technology is going it is easier for workers to communicate with their co-workers and bosses.  Web sites will also provide you with your business' information and your tasks for the week along with reminders and many other attributes that will help you succeed.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Insurance Email

Throughout this email I realized it is making its point in a clear and precise way but there are some flaws where they could of cleared it up some more.  For example, when it talks about being in separate groups and how you won't receive an email if your not in that group.  I think they should of left that part out and made that more personal and send them their own email about the groups instead of one email stating the groups. 

Whole Story

After reading this blog I didn't realize how people can simply make something out of nothing.  For example, they are recycling their water bottles and turning them into plant pots.  This idea is very creative and also helpful for the environment because it helps them take that next step into going green.  This idea is yet so simple that anyone can now make their own mini garden out of recycled material.  This blog is very creative and the author gets straight to the point and tells their audience what is going on and the necessary steps that are needed to become environmental friendly.

Whole Story Snacks

This blog can have two effects on kids because in today's world the obesity rate is increasing.  However on the other hand you do have a percentage that eats healthy and buys healthy snacks.  The reason I am stating my opinion on food and eating healthy is because I work out a lot and I started to eat healthier and I noticed a big difference.  For example in the blog it states it would give 10 lucky winners gift cards to food markets which doesn't mean they will buy healthy food.  I could almost be certain that the majority of the winners would probably spend it on junk food.  Along with the gift cards will come some unique and creative essentials that can be used to pack your snacks.  This blog shows many ways in how the food industry is trying to go the right direction and improve their market by promoting their products.